Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just testing...

This was just a test. It's a Brazilian Wedding Favor. It's filled with Dulce de leche. I was testing a brownie bites silicon pan, which disappointed me a little bit because I read somewhere that it wouldn't be needed to grease it, but it wasn't that easy to take the cake out of the pan as well as wash it out. But the shape was pretty nice, though. Next time I'll just spray a little butter or oil. However, I have to use another Dulce de Leche Brand or make it by myself 'cause it wasn't supposed to be so liquid and be sucked by the dough lol, but it was supposed to be thick and look like a mini sandwich.

I've been thinking about what's gonna be my next challenge... I hope a birthday cake or a wedding cake.


Eliana EUA said...

Karen, It's me again!
Remember I tried to make those for my wedding and I spent a whole night crying because it did not worked out.
Could you please when you have some time to send the recipe of these for me? Am I allowed to ask you recipes? :P