Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girly "Rubber" Duck in Bubbles

I made this cake for practicing molding. I used an angel food cake recipe and as we can see, it didn't look nice. It was too soft and the fondant was too heavy for it. Anyway, it was fun to make the duck. :) and it was an almond cake with chocolate filling.

Valentine's Little Teddy Bear...

This mini cake a made for my husband as one of my Valentine's presents to him. He loved it :) It's a 3.5'' x 2'' (I'm not sure. I have to check the bottom of the pan). It's a vanilla cake with truffle filling. All decorations made with fondant. The Teddy Bear sometimes looks like a mouse to me :) and I don't know why it was kinda falling sidewards, even with toothpick I used for holding the body. And next time I'll try to make it a little happier. I followed a video from Lorraine Mckay, since was my first fondant bear ever.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Cake...

This is a vanilla angel food cake with brigadeiro truffle filling and I covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant.

And here, just showing the details of the ribbon fondant roses with pearl luster and tiny little flowers I cut out to surround the cake.

I'm very happy with the results! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Danila and Danilo's Baby shower...

Those are strawberry cake pops I made for their baby shower. I wrote the letter L (of Lucca) as she had asked, like written by hand. Also, she wanted them bigger than usually. And I decorated the back of them with a few different designs.

Here, after packing them:

But I have to confess that they gave me more work than I thought they would.
But it's a fun process anyways!

Mini merengue cookies...

I made them for my friend Luana :)

And here, all packed: