Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Those are a few treats I made for the Holidays. Nothing decorated 'cause I didn't have time.
This is called Pave, it's a Brazilian dessert and there's a sweetened condensed milk based cream, bananas, cookies and meringue, very very sweet. I forgot I wouldn't unmold it and I used this "ugly" pan:

These are meringue cookies I made for the first time. They turned out delicious, just like from the bakery, seriously!! They just don't look as nice because I "iced" them like a swirl icing for cupcake, them they sort of cracked out, but I know next time I have to use another tip and make it in, let's say, one piece:

And here they are, all packed for presents:

Here are some of the panettones I made. It was kind of hard to find the right recipe (I've tried 3). I still haven't found it, but the ones I tried turned out very tasteful, however, I still don't like the consistency. They feel like bread or loaf, not panettone. Panettone is really soft, like a pillow in my opinion. I bought a branded one and comparing to mines, they do feel like a pillow lol. At least I got to give them the same taste and smell. Everybody loved them, as bread with a panettone taste :) :