Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Cake (Cracow, Poland - 2011)

This cake was for the Christmas Eve we had at work about 2 weeks before the real Christmas Eve :P Each one had to take something delicious and I chose the ones below.

This is the chocolate and walnut cream cake decorated and covered with fondant and I hand painted the Santa Clauss. It was my first time painting on a cake, but I loved it how it turned out and I loved making it, as always :)

Here I cropped the picture for a close up of the inside :)

This is a Brazilian Lemon Pie, very popular in my country and one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get a more professional picture of it, I borrowed a friend's camera for this shot before the pie was gone. :)

Bombons (Poland - Easter 2011)

I made these bombons for my in-laws for Easter. The fillings flavors were: orange, poppy seeds cream (very popular in Poland), rum and raisins chocolate ganache. I added the little toppings for easy identification (the little box with yellow cream is also orange filling). They are Brazilian recipes adapted to their tastes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Cookie Decorating Class (Brazil 2010)

I took this class in December 2010 in Brazil with Vera and Camila Madeira, mother and daughter together in the sugar art world :) They are great artists. But I haven't practiced this technique for a year and must check if I can remember to make them.

Christmas in Brazil (2010)

My husband and I spent 2010's Christmas in Brazil! Yay! Since my family had only seen my cakes through internet, they were expecting a cake when I'd go there. I took some basic tools because our suitcases were already full. I did what I could, the cake wasn't perfect, my family loved it. It was a pineapple cake with pineapple cream filling. Very tropical!:)

I also made those passion fruit brigadeiros for the first time (below)...
I wanted to test a recipe. Approved! :)

Fondant and Royal Icing Class with Nicholas Lodge (Atlanta, GA - September 2010)

I loved taking those 2 classes. I learned a lot there and had fun too :) Unfortunately, my memory card broke and I lost all pictures I took on those days, but a friend borrowed me her camera so I could register the details before they were destroyed during the trip or something... I can't remember why, but I didn't took detailed pictures of the royal icing cake :( or I can't find them, very sad :( Anyways, there we go...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pastry Course at ICE in New York (July 2010)

Very late pictures. This course was in July 2010 at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and it lasted a week. I loved it. I learned a lot there. I just wish I had more time to practice everything :( But here we go...

Me and my baklavas :D
More baklavas

Our spinach triangles and baklavas
Everyone opening the strudel dough with the chef
Strudel ready to bake
Apple Strudel ready to eat :P
Cream cheese and raisins strudel ready to eat :P
Cream cheese and salmon triangles
Napoleon and fruit strip
Cinammon and herbs sticks
My fruit tarts (my favorites!)
Pecan tart
Our tarts and pies
The kicthen
Me and Chef Faith Drobbin

Camera Cake (Manhattan, NY - October 2010)

I made this cake for my husband's graduation photography exhibition in October 2010. It was again a chocolate cake with coconut filling (this flavor usually pleases people a lot :))
And I hand cut the camera out of fondant.

Fondant Doggies Cake Toppers (New York, NY - October 2010)

This was an from October 2010. Nicole wanted me to make dogs just like hers and her sister's dogs (if I can remember well). It was quite fun to make them :)

Yoga Cake (New York, NY - October 2010)

I made this cake in October 1st 2010, still in the USA for the 2nd birthday of the Yoga Studio I was going to.
It was a moist chocolate cake with a coconut filling... It is a very popular flavor for party cakes in Brazil.
I hand cut the yoga poses and used an airbrush for the sunset effect.

New Year, New Post, after a very long break...

I am posting again, I don't even know if somebody still comes here.... anyways, lots of changes, lots of news... only one thing hasn't changed: my passion for baking :) which by the way had no break and I am very glad for that.
But one thing at a time... first I will post late pictures from 2010... after that, more news!

Those were chocolate fudge cupcakes (2010) decorated with fondant little flowers.

Apple Caramel cupcakes (2010) with fondant apples as decoration :)