Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Third Wilton Class...

The third class of the Wilton Course 1 was really productive. I got to learn a few things that I've always thought it would be impossible to do hahaha I loved them.

The cupcakes we had to take done to the class and I chose vanilla cupcakes and mixed pieces of strawberry into the batter. I could have filled more the paper liners, but I was afraid they would grow too much since it was my first time using this recipe. By the way, it's a Brazilian recipe:

This one I tried putting 1 whole strawberry in the middle, but it was weird after baked. It was like a tent for the strawberry, I mean, just a thin layer of dough around it:

Those ones were the last load, so I filled the paper liners a little more and used
strawberry preserves to try as a filling:

I decorated this one with royal icing and I liked it a lot 'cause it really sits well:

And here is what it looks like inside with the pieces of strawberry mixed:

Now at the classroom, practicing roses:

Practicing the clowns using the icing:

Here at home putting all them together because I didn't get to take
all the pictures during the class:

Star flowers:

Final rose with blue grass :P I hadn't taken green icing this time:

Swirl flower:

This was the worst one, but it was enough to learn how to make bears:

And I fell in love with the clowns. They are so easy to make and turn out so cute!
I crossed the legs of this one :P

I just need to practice the hands and shoes more, I was tired and wanted
to finish them quickly, then I just squeezed dots on.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just realized that I didn't take a picture of inside of the cake... Sorry, but actually it wasn't something wooooow... it was just a yellow cake with a red line of strawberry preserves...
I promise next things that will be filled I will take pictures of inside :P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first decorated cake!!

Finishing the Wilton Course 1 - Lesson 2... view from the top of the cake.
I finished it this morning.

And here with the sides and details.
It's an orange cake filled with strawberry preserves.
We will try it tonight, when my husband gets home :)

Easter treats for my husband's family!

Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.I still need to practice a lot the outlines.
But those ones were good, soft and tasty... way better than the first ones in the previous post.

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Fudge brownie covered with chocolate glaze and royal icing

All packed!

I have to find another way to display the cupcakes because
like that it's really unstable.

All together in the basket

The final Easter basket

A little present to another friends

And that's how it looks closed.

P.S.: I'm working on the pictures too. They are not very good, but when I took them, I wasn't thinking about displaying them in a website.

First shots..

It's Spring time! My first decorated vanilla cupcakes. All of those candies, cookies and cupcakes were made in March 2009 before I took the classes.

My Easter Chocolate Bunny and eggs basket

Those look funny, but are delicious! I filled them with
"coconut macaroons" (beijinho)

First chocolate candies!

First sugar cookies test that I made with whole wheat flour which doesn't make them soft!

Just beginning...

Hi, my name is Karen and my nickname has been Apple for years. I gave it to myself first in internet and my friends just got it and some only call me as Apple.

I've always liked cooking, specially sweets and finally decided to really do something with it. There's 2 stores which I love and where I have always bought my craft stuff: Michael's and AcMoore. I can spend hours there just having ideas for my crafts such as scrapbooking, collages, painting, cooking, etc. They have a lot of tools for cake, cookies, candies and brownies decorating and I finally started "playing" with them. I've learned some things by myself (they have books to teach you and I've read a lot in internet just googling), but nothing's like having a teacher to give you the right tips and correct you. The Wilton classes are really affordable and I'm in my second class. I'm going to put here the pictures of what I have done since the very beginning, what I've learned by myself and at the class.

I'll be showing American and Brazilian delights! And soon, some Polish too!
P.S.: I do have links for my other crafts, but I'm gonna write them here later.
Enjoy it!