Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Third Wilton Class...

The third class of the Wilton Course 1 was really productive. I got to learn a few things that I've always thought it would be impossible to do hahaha I loved them.

The cupcakes we had to take done to the class and I chose vanilla cupcakes and mixed pieces of strawberry into the batter. I could have filled more the paper liners, but I was afraid they would grow too much since it was my first time using this recipe. By the way, it's a Brazilian recipe:

This one I tried putting 1 whole strawberry in the middle, but it was weird after baked. It was like a tent for the strawberry, I mean, just a thin layer of dough around it:

Those ones were the last load, so I filled the paper liners a little more and used
strawberry preserves to try as a filling:

I decorated this one with royal icing and I liked it a lot 'cause it really sits well:

And here is what it looks like inside with the pieces of strawberry mixed:

Now at the classroom, practicing roses:

Practicing the clowns using the icing:

Here at home putting all them together because I didn't get to take
all the pictures during the class:

Star flowers:

Final rose with blue grass :P I hadn't taken green icing this time:

Swirl flower:

This was the worst one, but it was enough to learn how to make bears:

And I fell in love with the clowns. They are so easy to make and turn out so cute!
I crossed the legs of this one :P

I just need to practice the hands and shoes more, I was tired and wanted
to finish them quickly, then I just squeezed dots on.