Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just beginning...

Hi, my name is Karen and my nickname has been Apple for years. I gave it to myself first in internet and my friends just got it and some only call me as Apple.

I've always liked cooking, specially sweets and finally decided to really do something with it. There's 2 stores which I love and where I have always bought my craft stuff: Michael's and AcMoore. I can spend hours there just having ideas for my crafts such as scrapbooking, collages, painting, cooking, etc. They have a lot of tools for cake, cookies, candies and brownies decorating and I finally started "playing" with them. I've learned some things by myself (they have books to teach you and I've read a lot in internet just googling), but nothing's like having a teacher to give you the right tips and correct you. The Wilton classes are really affordable and I'm in my second class. I'm going to put here the pictures of what I have done since the very beginning, what I've learned by myself and at the class.

I'll be showing American and Brazilian delights! And soon, some Polish too!
P.S.: I do have links for my other crafts, but I'm gonna write them here later.
Enjoy it!