Thursday, May 21, 2009

Practicing and practicing...

Yeah, the Wilton Course 2 is more practicing flowers than anything. That's what we have done. Next class will be just in June and we will be finishing this course with a cake with all the flowers we've made.
Oh, and it's Royal Icing!! I loooooove it! It holds so much better than buttercream and after the flowers are dry, we can just put them into a container all together with no worries about breaking them. I just love it!! I just haven't have the brave enough to eat 1 of them, just because they look so nice!


Dani said...

Karen que fofo o seu trabalho!!!! Estou mostrando p/ minha mãe.. p/ ela passar a vontade q eu passei... hahahahaha.
Eu quero!!!!!!!!!!! hum =/ hahaha