Saturday, May 2, 2009

My husband's birthday...

This was the cake I made for my husband's Birthday barbecue. It's a Brazilian recipe called pao-de-lo and again, I think it's the same as Angel cake, filled with bicho-de-pe which I already explained what is in another post, then I covered with chocolate ganache, but I didn't get the shiny one and the consistency I wanted. I have to try again. The first picture has the real colors, the second one was taken with another camera and didn't get to fix it.

Those are strawberry bombons. Strawberry covered with "white brigadeiro" and melted chocolate.

And this is strawberry covered with brown brigadeiro and chocolate sprinkles. I used to eat those a lot during my years in the University. The coffe shop there used to sell them and they were reaaaaally famous!


Jô said...

Hummmm, que delícia esse bolo de chocolate! Que vontade de comer nhammm!