Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cake...

This is a very moist chocolate cake with a strawberry cream filling and also fresh strawberries. It was simple, but I found REALLY fun to leave the fondant a little aside and explore other ingredients for decorating. Of course this kind of decoration is nothing new, but for me it was totally. But I loved it. The flowers didn't turn out as I wanted. They were supposed to stand as normal flowers, but it wasn't working and I was so tired that I just decided to do like that. The final consumers wouldn't mind, I was pretty sure. The nest, is made of tinted coconut and the eggs are peanut butter eggs. The dirt is cookie crumble and the "fence" is built out of Oreo wafer sticks. :) I thought it'd be pretty to take the picture on the grass as there were flowers and nest on the cake and the day was sooooo beautiful!
Happy Easter!