Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A cake for my hubby :)

When I made the Easter cake, I had some left over of the filling and my husband tried a little. Then, he told me he'd love to have more of it 'cause it was delicious and I said I'd make it for his birthday, which is just on the end of this month :P He seemed a little disappointed, so I surprised him yesterday with this cake. I thought it'd be nice to leave him a cake to eat while I'm gone ;) Today, I'll be flying to Atlanta, Georgia, for a 5-day Gum paste flower class with the Chef Nicholas Lodge at The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art. I'm very excited about it!
It's exactly the same cake as the Easter cake: a very moist chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling and fresh strawberries. I might get a shot of the inside before I leave later. Also, I'm still working on the pictures. This was the best I got out of the bunch. It still has focus issues, I know, but I'll get there. And I didn't use my husband's Cannon 'cause I couldn't find the charger, so, I had to use my simple one.