Thursday, April 5, 2012

LilaLoa’s Creative Cookie Decorating Contest

Last week I was fighting a really bad flu that left me in bed for quite a few days. When I was able to sit and use my laptop, I went to check the blogs I follow and came across this great contest at LilaLoa’s blog (there’s still plenty of time to participate!). The idea is to create designs from the template below, that DOES NOT look like a present. We can add or extract pieces as long as we can still see it comes from the same template. Such a wonderful idea. 


I wish there were more contests like this to challenge us and stimulate our creativity. I got very excited with the idea and couldn’t wait to get better to work on them. But I still was recovering, so I decided to start creating them. Since I had all the time in the world in bed, I begun to sketch the cookies and a lot of ideas came up as you can see. When I was 100% better, I made the cookie dough and cut out the cookies using the template. It was that easy since the dough I was using was very delicate, but I could remould the mistakes before baking.

It was so much fun to create and decorate them that maybe I will make more, :) I know it might sound too many already, but it was so much fun!! Have I said that already?? :) No, I’m kidding, I only have 2 designs waiting to dry and that’s it. :) I’ll probably use the inspiration for another cookie shapes. After I finished them, I went to see what the others were doing and it’s so nice to see what they created. I also saw that some people had already similar ideas to mine, but I decided to post them anyways. :) In the end of the post I added the bride and groom together because they are a supposed to be a set, but for some reason they appear too small in the post :/

So, here they are… which is your favourite?

baby cookie

candy cookie

clown cookie

cupcake cookie

queen heart cookie

fish cookie

bride cookie

groom cookie

frankenstein cookie


octopus cookie

chick cookie

robot cookie

bride and groom


Ariana said...

My Fav. is the Candy and the queen of hearts!!! Im you Fan, i saw your cookies at Lila Loa's Contest.. Lover your technique.......seems like painted & embossed!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all be sick in bed for might increase our creativity!! Your ideas are marvelous..I love them...the clown is my fav though. Great entries.
Sharon @ The Plaid Cookie Co.

Miss Apple said...

Thank you, Ariana! The Queen of Hearts is one my favs too! :D

Miss Apple said...

Sharon, Thank you! :) But I wouldn't wish that flu to anybody! hahahaha we can try to fake being sick, maybe our brain will "get it". haha

Eliana said...

Hi Karen!!!
I am sorry to hear that you were sick, I hope you are doing fine! Miss you a lot and I was thinking about you this week! I just LOVED the cookies you made. I cannot even tell which one is the best one! I loved the bride and groom and also the fish. It looks like painting!
Hope you are doing well!

Paris Pastry said...

These are unreal! You're so gifted! My favorite are the little chick & the cupcake. Happy Easter! x

Joys said...

Ms Apple, I love them all! Fab!

Miss Apple said...

Thank you everybody!! I'm happy you liked them!! :)

kjw said...

I love them all. I like the cupcake the best. Your cookies are so different. Is there anyway you would show us how you did them?

Sue said...

WOW, you are very creative! I'm just trying to come with ONE:) I like your style of decorating.