Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tłusty Czwartek, in Poland

I tried, I swear. I wanted to make them today, but I had a rolling pin issue so it never happened. I also wanted to post it before, but the day just passed too fast. Even if I'm late, I felt I should write something (I got it from here). My husband is Polish and as I mentioned before, we lived in Poland for 1 year and their desserts is part of what I want to show here.

Today is, or it was, the Tłusty Czwartek, in English, Fat Thursday, is a traditional Polish and German feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast would not be until Easter. It is similar to, but should not be confused with, the French festival of Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday"). Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, when people meet in their homes or cafés with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent. Among the most popular all-national dishes served on that day are pączki or berliner, fist-sized donuts filled with rose marmalade, and faworki, French dough fingers served with lots of powdered sugar.

I will owe a picture on this post, but very soon, hopefully tomorrow, I'll have one, with the recipe :)

Sweet dreams!


BertiesBakery said...

Sometimes the rolling pin just gets the best of us!

Miss Apple said...

That's true!! But in my case, was the lack of it lolol mine isn't here yet and I couldn't find at the stores in the neighborhood, believe it or not! But it turned out that I was looking in the wrong stores. :P