Monday, June 15, 2009

Wilton Course 3 - Class 2 ... Fondant

I love it! It's kind of easy to work with fondant and I loved the result. The taste... no good lolol but as my teacher says, it's for the looking. What really matters regarding taste is what's inside in this case. Soon I'll try to make my own fondant to try something more tasty, because I think everything should taste good. This is an orange cake (Brazilian recipe) filled with orange marmalade. We haven't tried yet. We're waiting for getting dry to see how it looks like. Also, we've learned how to make fondant roses. It's much easier than butter cream icing roses in my opinion and they DO look beautiful even if you don't have practice, lol... butter cream roses require a lot of practicing.


Tony Almeida said...

fondant é um treco bem ruim mesmo.
vc pretende virar boleira profissional ou algo assim ?
isso deve dar uma grana legal.

Miss Apple said...

Por enquanto eh so hobby, mas eu to gostando muito de fazer isso que ja ando pensando no futuro hehehe sei la, vamos ver no q da...
E sim, da uma grana legal rsrs

Anonymous said...

Adorei!!! Mas quando é que vou provar???